Art, design, and pop culture have ruled my airwaves for as long as I can remember. I began filling sketchbooks with elaborate drawings and dying fabrics when I was 6, read literature by the boatload in middle school, and collected comics for more years than I care to admit.  I was addicted to shows like Punky Brewster and Jem and played everyone from Run DMC to Nirvana on my cassette player - I had had to have my MTV.  After studying Painting at Rhode Island School of Design, I moved to NYC and took up fashion and prop styling, adding more range to my creative vision.

    Ironically, it was living and studying at RISD that set the stage for the eventual demise of my painting and fashion careers.  Home to speakers of over 80 languages, Providence has has a dazzlingly diverse sepection of restauraunts and food traditions that trace their roots back to Guatemala, Nigeria, Italy,  Laos, and many points between.  Exposed to so many flavors and ideas, it was here that my love of food blossomed into the passion for cooking that eventually inspired me to chuck it all and become a food and beverage consultant, writer, and educator. 

    Underpinning it all is a desire to share my passion for all things related to the pleasures of the table.  Superette is a bi-monthly digest of photos, images, and ideas that inspire me.  In it, you will find an eclectic mix of recipes, projects, and essays culled from my musings on the the intersection between food, art, and culture.